Official Web site of Coastal Police

Government of Kerala

Chief's Message

Kerala Police is a growing special unit dedicated Coastal Security of Kerala and India. The activities of Kerala Coastal Police cover a vast coast line of 600 km from Kumbla Coastal Police Station of North to Poovar Coastal Police Station in the South

Mission and Vision of Coastal Police


Policing the Indian coastline against infiltration, intrusion and other illegal activities in collaboration with Central and State agencies in Territorial Waters and on the Coastline of India.


The Coastal Police will strive for:

  1. Investing in infrastructure and logistics to meet the existing and future challenges.
  2. Development of human resources through recruitment and training to raise skilled and specialized manpower for Coastal Policing.
  3. Building capacity for specialized Coastal Policing tasks like Patrolling, Surveillance, Interception, Intelligence collection, Investigation, Disaster and Crisis Management, rescue Operations related to Coast & Sea etc.
  4. TCreating institutionalized collaboration, coordination and co-operation among all the stake-holders in Coastal Security.
  5. Promoting and securing community participation to generate multipliers and accelerators in Coastal Security.
  6. Promoting and sharing best practices of Policing in Coastal Security.
  7. Addressing environmental and ecological concerns and interests of country through collaboration and co-operation with other agencies.
  8. Constant review and up gradation of Technology, Gadgetry and Weaponry being in use to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the Coastal Policing.
  9. Promoting welfare measures and launching schemes for rewards and incentives to build and sustain high morale and motivation level of Coastal Security personnel.
  10. Becoming a capable & fully professional force protecting the national interests in mandated Policing activity.